Jumaat, November 06, 2009

How are the muslims?

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Email dari suami, jom kongsi...

How are the Muslims of today?

Fajar is spent in sleep.

Dhur in college or at job.

Asar in Relaxing.

Maghrib busy doing other stuff.

Ishaa watching TV.

Jumaah salaat is only 2 rakaat, that too engrossed in worldlythoughts. If anyone prays tahajjud, that is considered astonishing!

Please remember...The first question asked in the grave will be concerning Iman.It is a request to everyone to invite others for namaaz / Salaat.

Insha-Allah, you will be rewarded for this!May Allah fulfill the legitimate wishes of the person who sends thismessage to all...Ameen!

There are 8 doors of Jannat:1. Jannat-ul-mava2. Dar-ul-maqaam3. Dar-ul-salaam4. Dar-ul-khuld5. Jannat-ul-adaan6. Jannat-ul-naiem7. Jannat-ul-kasif8. Jannat-ul-firdaus

Insha-Allah, on the day of qayamat / Judgement day- may your name be called from allthe doors...Ameen!

Islamic note...First Angel: Today I came so close to Allah that there were only 70veils between me and Allah S.O.T.

Second Angel: But when a momin stands for prayer, he comes so closeto Allah that even those 70 veils are removed!!

Rasool Allah ( S.A.W.) has proclaimed:

The person who is always in a state of wudhoo, Allah will increasehis livelihood!
The person who doesn't reveal his needs to others, his needs aresoon fulfilled!

Allah S.O.T keeps that person healthy and happy (abaad) who afterlistening to Hadith forwards it to others!

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